Lady Gaga Says She "Just Might" Be Releasing New Music Soon

Lady Gaga is an extremely busy woman. The singer has started acting alongside the release of her album Joanne, which she plans on touring this fall, and despite juggling many projects, fans of her music will be relieved to hear that she doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. But how soon is soon, exactly?

"You just might get some more music," Lady Gaga revealed to E! News. "I love making music. I don't know exactly when. I'm sort of feeling like I'm making songs and doing all sorts of things with music, but I don't know exactly when or how I will release them," the musician teased. "I'm working on that."

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper - Embed

Music isn't the only thing on Gaga's mind, though. The star has her been filming her first movie, A Star Is Born, with Bradley Cooper. A Star Is Born is a modern take on a classic that has starred Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, and Janet Gaynor. Even Lady Gaga feels the pressure of that repertoire.

"I was intimidated by the legacy of the film probably every single day," Gaga said. "I was always checking myself and going, 'Remember who did this movie. You gotta bring it.' But what I would say gotta grab your balls and go or you're not going to have a steady hand, so I did a bit of both … I had a nice balance of insecurity and confidence."

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If you can't wait to see Lady Gaga on the silver screen, though, she has another tour coming up (and no, we don't mean the Joanne tour). She'll be performing in Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour 2.0 as a headliner with two other unannounced musicians. Like last year, Gaga will play music for fans in a dive bar as part of the tour.

"I just really love to play in bars and I miss it all the time, which is why we've created this amazing tour that I'm so happy other artists will be doing now," she said.

It looks like we won't have a shortage of Gaga anytime soon, and that can only be a good thing.

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