Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs
Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Marc Jacobs can always be counted on to close out New York Fashion Week in the most spectacular fashion. It's why, despite being the last show of the week, it's the most well attended. It's a show that even the least punctual of fashion editors (who by nature, are perpetually late) would hustle to get to on time. And his fall/winter 2016 show proved to be no different.

He turned the Park Avenue Armory into a white minimalist set, and models circled the rink to a cacophony of torturous high-pitched pings that was almost hard to bear. Almost. The beauty found in the oversize coats, dramatic Victorian-esque gowns, sky-high platforms, and cute top-handle purses certainly helped.

But as unrecognizable as the models were (with their harsh Goth-inspired makeup), one in particular stood out: Lady Gaga. She took the crowd by surprise (her pseudonym in the run-of-show line-up was "Peyton," btw) and everyone craned to get a good look as she stomped along in a bow tie-neck blouse and giant fur-accented coat that seemed to swallow her diminutive frame. Basically, Lady Gaga has had one helluva week—first with a superb tribute to David Bowie and now as a model in the hottest show of the week.

Kendall Jenner Marc Jacobs
Credit: 2016 Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho

But Gaga wasn't the only buzzed-about model at the show. Kendall Jenner made her final #NYFW appearance in a brooding design that came complete with feathery plumes sprouted around the collar. She, too, was nearly unidentifiable in her plastered retro waves, smeared eye makeup, and inky lips.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Emily Ratajkowski Marc Jacobs

Everyone's reaction? An ovation from editors, buyers, and the celebrities sitting in the front row, which included Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emily Ratajkowski, and Christina Ricci.

"It was an incredible experience. He outdid himself again," Ratajkowski tells us afterward, calling out her favorites, like the oversize coats, the big bows, and turn-of-the-century dresses. "It was a very performance-art kind of a show, and I thought it was so cool that Lady Gaga was in it. It took me a second to even tell it was her, because everyone is so in character. It was great."