Lady Gaga To Intern For Philip Treacy?

Photo: Andy Cooper/Celebrity Photo

At just 24, she's already a world-famous pop star and international fashion icon, but Lady Gaga isn't the sort to rest on her laurels: Instead, the trend-setting singer hopes to spend her summer in London, working as an intern for the couture milliner Philip Treacy. Gaga's frequently worn Treacy's one-of-a-kind headpieces, which are remarkably well suited to both award show stages and red carpets, but the impetus for her hoped-for gig appears to be a desire to create her own super-artistic hats. The internship isn't 100% confirmed, but it would be amazing to see Gaga follow in the footsteps of fellow celebrity interns Sean Avery (who sat in at Vogue) and Kanye West (who's worked for both Louis Vuitton and the Gap). We'd love to see what kind of crazy toppers she'd come up with, and the high-fashion experience would doubtless be a nice feather in her cap.

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