Hint: It has to do with Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk.


Despite the reports that Lady Gaga had nothing to do with Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's split, the pop star is still facing the fallout from rumors that she was behind their breakup.

In recent days, comments from Russian Instagram users have flooded Gaga's photos, appearing to accuse her of being a homewrecker. It might be easy to dismiss them as random troll comments, but interestingly, many of them have been left by Russian influencers and models with verified accounts and millions of followers — most of whom seem to feel pretty defensive of Irina (who was born in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia).

Gaga may have her Little Monsters, but it looks like Irina isn't without her fandom, too.

One of the comments on Gaga's latest photo, written in Cyrillic, translated roughly to: "Irina do not worry, you are pretty and you will find your happiness."

Another threw out some frankly wild accusations that Bradley and Irina were in a "contract" relationship, and would rather be dating a man (the commenter threw out Ricky Martin's name, for some reason) than Gaga.

Someone else commented that "because of you Bradley left the family."


The comments on Irina's latest 'gram seem to also be filled with comments in Cyrillic, albeit with much more adoring sentiments, like one person who told her that she is "the best," and urged everyone to "see how the Russian people can stand on their own."

As well-intentioned as Shayk's devoted fans might be, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have denied multiple times that they were in a romantic relationship, and don't seem to have reunited in the wake of his break-up.

Plus, it doesn't seem like Irina would approve of this behavior — the caption on her last Instagram photo read, "When women come together, and empower each other.. magic happens."