Lady Gaga is Facebook's Most Popular Living Star

Photo: Rex USA

She's already the most-watched star on YouTube, where her videos have been viewed an astonishing one billion times. Now, Lady Gaga's set yet another internet record, having become the first living person to amass over ten million Facebook friends, beating out President Obama. (She's bested only by Michael Jackson, the dearly departed King of Pop, who has fourteen million buddies; considering that Gaga adds over 14,000 new friends a day—she's already passed eleven million—she may overtake him yet.) In response to the news, Gaga posted a thank you video on the site in which she told her friends/ fans, "I love you guys so much . . . Thank you so much for all of your love and your support and for sticking by me through The Fame and The Fame Monster. I love you. Become my friend on Facebook. I'll never forget you."

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