Lady Gaga and Her Dad Just Got Matching Tattoos Inspired by Her New Album

SINGLE Clone of Lady Gaga - LEAD
Photo: Desiree Navarro/FilmMagic

If there's one thing we love about Lady Gaga, it's her unwavering dedication to family.

The "Perfect Illusion" singer took to Instagram today to share a few images of her brand new tattoo that reads "Joanne" in script letters, and also revealed that her father Joe Germanotta got a similar piece of art done on his shoulder. The pair's fresh ink honors the star's late aunt Joanne Germanotta, who was her dad's sister and passed away at the age of 19 years old following a battle with Lupus. Although Gaga never met her aunt, she has often spoken of the strong connection that she feels to her beloved family member. The 30-year-old named her new album after Joanne, and it also happens to be one of her middle names—Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

"Got Joanne tattooed on my arm in her actual signature," she wrote alongside the 'gram of her tattoo. "My dad got one too. With an angel on his shoulder."

A few minutes later she shared an even closer look at the bodyart, which she posted without a caption.

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We are totally onboard with this touching tribute.

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