That's all we can say after watching Lady Gaga completely slay on Tuesday night's edition of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show. It begins with the usual storyline—the six-time Grammy winner all too graciously helps host James Corden carpool to work—but by the end of the 15-minute segment it is all too apparent that Gaga's talent is anything but ordinary, even by Carpool Karaoke standards.

The ride begins with Gaga—dressed in a gold sequin top with an oversize bow at the neckline—letting a bit of her native New Yorker show. After Corden apologizes about the traffic, she confidently rolls down her window and yells "move!" at the backup, which inspires them to move into a quick rendition of "Move B—" by Ludacris as they pick up speed.

"Do you mind if we listen to some music?" Corden asks, before hitting play on the 30-year-old pop star's latest hit, "Perfect Illusion." Gaga, unsurprisingly, doesn't miss a beat and jumps in, dance moves and all.

After discussing how excited she is to be headlining the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show, they take a quick break from conversation to belt out "Bad Romance." Corden can't help but interrupt, however, to inquire about the lyrics, which leads Gaga to admit that she often writes songs in just 10 minutes.

The discussion then moves to the fact that Gaga just recently got her driver's license. "It was so embarrassing. My whole family came with me to the DMV," she tells Corden. "My father cried when I got my driver's license. I was like, 'Dad, I'm 30!'"

"Do you think you're a good driver?" Corden asks her, to which she replies, "I think so."

One thing leads to another and soon Gaga is slipping into the driver's seat with a devious laugh.

After a worrisome comment about her eyesight and a little confusion with the windshield wipers and transmission, Gaga slams on the gas and the pair hit the road. It doesn't take long before it becomes very apparent that she may not be the best driver. "I don't even know if I feel safe in this environment," Corden admits as he reached for a helmet, which he wears throughout their rendition of "Edge of Glory."

One song is enough for Corden in the passenger seat, and he takes back the wheel for the rest of the ride. From there they move seamlessly into two more of Gaga's classic hits, "Born This Way" and "Poker Face" before the conversation moves to her out-of-the-box fashion choices. " With me, I guess I just really never worry about who likes it or who doesn't. Kind of the point is to be unfashionable," Gaga explains as the camera pans back and forth to Corden wearing a few of her most unbelievable looks—meat dress included.

The duo then slips into a moving performance of "Million Reasons" the latest song off her new album Joanne, and next thing we know they're at the studio.

Watch Gaga completely kill the Carpool Karaoke game in the video at top.