By Jonathan Borge
Feb 18, 2016 @ 10:30 am
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The stakes may have never been higher for Lady Gaga and her right-hand style leader Brandon Maxwell on Monday night in L.A. Yes, the pair was together charged with adding the finishing touches to the custom Marc Jacobs piece she honored David Bowie with at the Grammys. However, there was one tricky item on the agenda: Getting to New York less than 24 hours later for the debut of Maxwell’s fall 2016 collection.

After the final model hit the catwalk inside Manhattan’s Monkey Bar for the stylist’s show Tuesday night, Gaga opened up about her love for the clothing and the epic, overnight trip from L.A. to New York. “When I go to a show and feel a connection with the artist, and then watch it and really learn something, this is what profoundly changes me,” she told InStyle. “He’s my best friend, but I’m able to sit here in the audience and just see the clothes and appreciate his art. He does the same for me.”

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So just how far is Maxwell willing to go for one of Gaga’s always-gorgeous fashion moments? “He was with me in Los Angeles last night for the Grammys, for the David Bowie tribute. He got me ready. He dressed me. He was with me before I went on. He was with me when I got off. He dressed me for the rest of the night before he left. He got in a car. He came to New York to do his show. I got on a plane right after to meet him here,” she said of their journey. “He didn’t drop one ball anywhere. He’s very clear on what he wants and he’s got sort of a zen quality about him.”

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That’s what you call a best friend.