Did Lady Gaga's Rumored Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Just Throw Shade at the Singer?

This can't be a coincidence.

Lady Gaga was spotted kissing audio engineer Dan Horton on Sunday, and we’ve been obsessively googling the singer’s potential love interest ever since.

One thing we learned from our trials in internet stalking? Horton used to be married to actress Autumn Guzzardi.

The “dog mom” and “veggie lover” took to Instagram on Tuesday (around the time that news of Gaga’s brunch-side kiss began making the rounds), posting a headshot with a simple and fairly unambiguous caption: “Poker Face ❤.”

Even a casual Gaga fan knows that “Poker Face” is the title of one of Mother Monster’s first big hits. The innuendo-heavy song deals with a gamut of topics: bisexuality, promiscuity, and, uh, poker? Anyway, given the timing of Guzzardi’s post, it’s hard to imagine there wasn’t some Gaga-fueled ire behind it. Is she calling LG a fraud? Is she saying she won’t betray her own emotions in regard to Gaga dating her ex? Is she simply telling the world she’s a big Gaga fan and proud of her ex for snagging such a talented gem of a woman?

Guzzardi has truly given us a Million Reasons to analyze her post.

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