Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Released a Second "Rain on Me" Video

A deluge of material.

Just a few days after Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande blessed us all with the music video for "Rain on Me," the two are back at it — with a major dose of comic relief. The already-released clip for "Rain on Me" is pure Gaga, ditching her pared-down Joanne aesthetic and giving all the Little Monsters (Grande included) a peek into the sci-fi fantasia of Chromatica. And while the OG clip has major costumes, over-the-top hair and makeup, and intricate choreography, the new video embraces camp and humor, ditching any actual music for a meteorological spin.

Lady Gaga Ariana Grande Rain on Me
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

In the minute-long clip, Gaga and Grande trade in their latex costumes and play weather forecasters. Complete with "rain" and Weather Channel-branded umbrellas, the trade quips and offer up joke after joke. And although there's not even a tease of the song itself, the two say "rain on me" enough to get the point across.

"Rain on me, tsunami! Water like misery but the people are still going," Grande says in the clip, which looks like it was taken from her home.

"The world is rising up in a massive act of kindness to celebrate the rain the world so desperately needs to quench the thirst of the Earth," Gaga adds. "Are we thirsty or what?"

"Oh, we are thirsty, indeed! And what the locals are now saying globally is, 'Rain on Me,'" Grande said, adding, "It will be raining all summer, but we're surely dancing as it does."

It's definitely not a serious work of high drama, but it'll give Gaga and Ari fans a little something to get through quarantine life with a laugh. At the end of the clip, Gaga lets viewers know that she's in on the joke, saying, "I think it was good. I don't know!"

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