"God is actually TWO women."


The music video for Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's single "Rain on Me" is here, and while we’ve been low-key mad at Gaga for withholding new music, the wait was oh so worth it. They dance, they sing (in the rain). Your move, Gene Kelly.

Gaga led the charge with an important call to action on Friday morning, singling out her Grigio Girls in particular: “IF YOU WERE UP ALL NIGHT DRINKING WINE ON CALLS W UR FRIENDS LISTENING TO #RainOnMe U BETTER WAKE UP AND GET SOME COFFEE FOR THAT HANGOVER CUZ THE VIDEO IS OUT.”

Did they just single-handedly save the pop music genre? Perhaps.

Naturally, fans were riled by the reveal:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoAm4om0Naturally, fans were riled by the reveal:

Just one week until the full glory of Chromatica has been bestowed upon us all. Until then, we’ll just be listening to “Rain on Me” on repeat, full-blast. Any and all roommates can deal.