Is Lady Gaga *Really* Giving Up Her Stage Name?

Will the real Lady Gaga please stand up?

Last week, it was reported that the 31-year-old pop star would be dropping her stage name, Lady Gaga, and instead appear in A Star Is Born with her real, given name, Stefani Germanotta. We even got a new sneak peek from the upcoming film, which she stars in alongside Bradley Cooper.

"[We’re exploring] what unconditional love is, how hard it is to love someone in this world as a human being, and what that demands," Cooper told Entertainment Weekly of the film.

Sounds lovely, but is the name-change situation true?

Turns out Lady Gaga would like you to continue calling her Lady Gaga, thank you very much.

On Tuesday, she took to Twitter to clear the air, writing, “I’ve seen a lot of rumors on the internet that for “A Star Is Born” I’ll be billed as Stefani, but that’s not the case. It’s Lady Gaga, baby!”

There you have it.

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