Kylie, Kendall, and Bella Are on an Epic London Romp

These three ladies work hard, and they go hard, too! Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner and model Bella Hadid are together this weekend in London, and naturally, they've been turning heads everywhere they go.

On Friday, Kendall and Bella donned matching outfits, complete with crop tops and rainbow-colored cowboy hats (pictured above), to attend London's Pride parade. The two models marched through the streets, waving flags and showing off their toned abs while supporting the parade's message of love and tolerance.

Then on Saturday, the whole gang attended the 2017 Wireless Music Festival, where 19-year-old Kylie's beau Travis Scott was performing. The ladies were spotted watching the show from the VIP section, each rocking her own unique style.

Hadid opted for a '90s-inspired hairdo and a black dress with a metallic print, while Kendall kept it casual in a white tee and loose white pants. Kylie went supersexy, wearing lace-up red pants with a black crop top.


The social media stars have posted several other too-cool 'grams from their trip, and we can't help but wish we were part of their crew!

That's one major trio!

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