Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner
Credit: Instagram/krisjenner

Not much in fashion is truly new, and trends, like the '70s-inspired styles that've been appearing all over the runways, are often cyclical. And Kylie Jenner set a prime example of how the process works when she decided to don her mom Kris Jenner's adorable swimsuit from 1989.

The birthday girl gave us the ultimate Throwback Thursday moment when she hit up the beach in Mexico this week wearing the high-cut hot pink one-piece (above, right). The Baywatch-inspired style that was a beach staple throughout the '90s is making a splash in 2015.

It looks like the 18-year-old had fun wearing the vintage suit, but her mom didn't seem too pleased and took to Instagram to taunt her youngest daughter. "Ohhhhhhh so THIS is where my vintage Body Glove bathing suit went ... you are grounded!" she wrote. But as of Monday, Kris's baby girl is all grown up. Mom added to the caption, "Wait, I can't do that anymore you're 18." No matter her age, Kylie is and will continue to be a girl boss.

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