The 25-year-old Chanel swimsuit was first worn by Naomi Campbell in 1994.


Kylie Jenner is currently living her best life in the Turks and Caicos with a few of her closest friends and daughter, Stormi, in celebration of the launch of her new Kylie Skin collection. With the beach as her daily backdrop, the reality star's dress code has been bikinis-only as of lately. However, one particular swimsuit is capturing everyone's attention, and not just because of its aesthetics.

On Instagram, Kylie posted several photos of herself posing in a super cute baby blue Chanel bikini, which just so happens to be older than she is.

According to Page Six, supermodel Naomi Campbell first modeled a similar swimsuit down the runway in 1994, which makes Kylie's vintage bikini approximately 25 years old. But "vintage" doesn't necessarily mean used.

“Swimsuits from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel are often very difficult to find because they make such a limited quality,” Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser of What Goes Around, Comes Around told in August 2018, after pictures of Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian wearing a vintage Gucci thong bathing suit began cropping up on the internet.

“Many appear on runways, but never make it to stores,” they added, assuring potential buyers that luxury vintage swimwear is totally hygienic. “Nothing is off limits if you get it from a trusted source.”

With that said, Kylie's Chanel string bikini could be yours for a cool $1,690. Happy shopping!