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Andrea Cheng
Feb 11, 2016 @ 3:15 pm

When Kylie Jenner celebrated the launch of her eponymous fashion line with Kendall on Monday night, she was clearly only just warming up. She's gearing up to hit the New York Fashion Week circuit hardcore, and we witnessed it firsthand yesterday evening at VFiles, a brand that has quickly become one of the buzzier shows for its performance-driven runways that spotlight (and celebrate) emerging talent, when she sat front row in a scandalously sheer navy lace jumpsuit by one of the designers Kim Shui. 

Courtesy; Instagram/@renellaice

Shui's design ethos revolves around dreaming up "clothes for those who want to push the boundaries of femininity and functionality." And the fact that King Kylie chose her design (and 'grammed it), well, that's the biggest endorsement you can get in today's digital, Insta-happy age. Another noteworthy moment? VFiles's new mesmerizing wearable tech line done in collaboration with XO, with streetwear pieces that lit up the runway during Sophie Beem's dance-and-song routine (she's the first artist to sign with Beyonce's label). It made for a hypnotic performance. 

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But, let's get back to the youngest Jenner here. She had a few thoughts about some of the designs herself. When designer Sophie Hardeman debuted her "gender-fluid, all-denim, left-of-center" collection, Kylie took to Snapchat to caption her reaction—"puppies?" she questioned when a model carried two pups in his arms, and "I love this" she stated when a model haphazardly walked down the runway in a denim maxi skirt flipped up and turned inside out. 

It wasn't until the last designer showed, though, before we finally understood why she was actually there: Tyga closed the show with a surprise 15-minute performance. Kylie leaped out of her seat and started shimmying as he spat lyrics, proving that she might just be his number one fan. 


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