Kylie Jenner in Tyga's Stimulated Video - Lead
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Since Kylie Jenner recently turned 18, she and rapper boyfriend, Tyga, have been debuting their relationship to the world in big ways. On Sunday, Tyga, 25, released his new music video for "Stimulated," in which he and Kylie are seen smooching and showing some major PDA.

In the video, Kylie arrives in style and pulls up to a posh mansion where the two rendezvous for a little alone time. Changing outfits several times, Kylie dresses in some supa’ fly fashions—including a green bomber jacket and a T-shirt paired with a fur coat—as she and her man cuddle, kiss, and occasionally laugh. So adorable.

Being that the video's mansion setting wasn’t unlike the high-end homes often shown on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we can only hope that this video is just a tiny glimpse into what fans of the reality show can expect to see from the couple during future seasons. Watch Tyga's "Stimulated" music video (warning: it features explicit, NSFW language) below: