The doting dad made a quick pivot so Stormi could watch a movie.


Kylie Jenner may have been spending time with daughter Stormi as the tot learned how to swim recently, but it was dad Travis Scott that helped sharpen her Instagram Live skills.

The 27-year-old rapper was hanging out in his living room when daughter Stormi crashed his solo party while streaming on Instagram Live. He had been spending time with Kid Cudi before she wandered in while chatting with fans, but once Stormi entered the room, all eyes were on her.

"Say hi," Travis prompted his adorable daughter when she toddled in.

"You see Daddy? Wanna play?" Scott asked as Stormi must have seen the massive version of him that helped debut a new song in Fortnite on Thursday night (April 23) as part of a special Astronomic event. During the in-game concert, his virtual self performed his newest song, a collaboration with Kid Cudi called "The Scotts."

"Wanna say hi and bye?" Scott asked, with Stormi babbling cutely. She wanted something, but didn't know exactly what yet.

"Me and Stormi 'bout to...I don't know, do something," Scott began before Stormi told her dad exactly what she wanted to do: watch something together. "Be back, I've got to put on a movie," he said as he ended the stream. It's very clear from the stream how much he loves and cares about his daughter, especially during the very event he created and promoted for Fortnite.

Kylie, Travis, and Stormi have been spending plenty of time together, as they have reportedly been in quarantine together in Palm Springs with Kris Jenner. They've gone swimming, they spent Easter together – but we still don't know if Kylie and Travis are a couple once more. Perhaps that will change soon. Inquiring minds, you know.