By Jennifer Davis
Updated Feb 06, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

Kylie Jenner shared the first photo of her baby girl Stormi today on Instagram, but when it comes to posting about her relationship with her daughter's father, Travis Scott, she's been decidedly under the radar.

Since Jenner and Scott began dating in April 2017, not only have they steered clear of major public outings, often arriving at concerts or events separately, they've also kept their relationship largely off of social media. The one major exception is the touching 11-minute video the new mom posted that documented her pregnancy.

Much of their decision to stay away from the limelight probably has to do with the fact that Jenner decided to not share the minutiae of her journey with fans, instead choosing to step away from the public eye. The downside is that fans have been unable to see their love blossom in the usual ways.

We caught glimpses of the couple together during the video she posted, including moments of the duo vacationing at the beach, going to do doctors appointments together, and snuggling on the couch during the holidays. But other than that there are very few instances in which we've seen them together.

That doesn't mean that they've stopped sharing photos completely. During their courtship and Jenner's pregnancy, the couple has posted plenty of photos of themselves on Instagram. Scroll down to see twenty of their best solo shots since they began dating.