Kylie Jenner top knot Instagram
Credit: kyliejenner/Instagram

Another day, another Kylie Jenner hairstyle. Though a top knot isn't what most of us would typically deem as the most cutting edge style out there, it's a pretty unexpected move for the newly-platinum Jenner, who rarely wears her hair up. After all, she's more the type to play with color and the occasional blunt cut. Later in the night—after getting stuck in her apartment's elevator, no less—King Kylie worked a super-high cheerleader pony slightly reminiscent of Ariana Grande's signature look.

Both styles were created by Jenner's Tokyo Stylez, who is the mastermind behind her expansive wig collection. Her initial top knot seems to be all her own, the star's mane man added a few well-placed hair extensions to her pony to add some length. Considering that Fashion Week has only just kicked off, only the star's Instagram feed can serve as an indicator as to what she'll rock next.