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Kylie Jenner
Credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Keeping up with Kylie Jenner and all her outfits can be tough, as the reality star loves to post multiple outfits a day on her Instagram feed. But don't worry Kylie-lovers, we've got you covered with her latest denim-on-denim look from Thursday.

Jenner posed for the camera, mirrored sunglasses on, head tilted down, with her denim jacket half on over a plain white tank top. Her jeans, held up by a thick black belt, accentuated her small waist. Her hair looks perfectly tousled, cascading down in soft beachy waves.

Jenner tagged Balenciaga on Instagram, but whether that tag refers to her glasses, denim outfit, or maybe even the belt, is unclear. But we do know that the beauty mogul loves the designer brand, and frequently Instagrams her boots, purses, leather jackets, and other clothes from the brand.

Jenner rocks the Canadian tuxedo look, and is totally chic wearing denim on denim, a trend which may just explode, thanks to the social media star.

Only time will tell what the youngest of the Kar-Jenner sisters will step out in next (T-shirt and over-the-knee boots? A high-cut one-piece?), but we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.