Kylie Jenner Talks Body Image and Reveals Her Weight: "I Like the Chunkiness"

at The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 10, 2016 in New York City.
Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan set the record straight for her many app subscribers this past Friday, revealing the truth behind several popular rumors in a special question-and-answer session.

Unsurprisingly, most of these rumors focused on Kylie’s famous body, and which parts she’s enhanced through plastic surgery.

First, Jenner addressed the rumors surrounding her nose, telling viewers, “I didn’t get a nose job … I’ve always had a cute nose. I’ve always really liked my nose.”

The 19-year-old also denied having cheek and jaw reconstruction surgery.

“People started saying that rumor when I was like 16 … ?” she said, “You think Kris Jenner would really, at 16 years old, would let me get cheek and jaw reconstructive surgery? Nah. I always used to love my jaw–I never was self-conscious about my jaw,” Jenner clarified, noting that her chin and jaw look different now that she’s increased the size of her lips.

When it came to discussing her chest, Jenner voiced a less restrictive view. “They’re not big,” she said of her breasts, “I’ve thought about [getting breast implants], but I’m like, why ruin it? I have really good boobs naturally and they’re a cute little size. I’m not against it, but right now, it’s a no from me.”

Being the little sis’ of booty-baring queen, Kim Kardashian West, the authenticity of Jenner’s derrière is often under fire, but Jenner maintains that her famous backside is au naturel. “No *ss implants,” she said, “I used to be 120 [lbs]. I was like 16, I was really skinny … Now I’m pushing like 136 [lbs]…but it’s alright, I like the chunkiness.”

Jenner also pointed out that some of the surgery speculation is a product of her spot-on modeling sense: “It’s good to know your angles. Always know your angles. I don’t think I really have the fattest ass, but I know my angles.”

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