Kylie Jenner Showed Off the Stretch Marks on Her Breasts and Fans Loved It

The 22-year-old mom sees the marks as "a little gift from Stormi."

Kylie Jenner is known for many things (Makeup! Being a billionaire!), but “authenticity” isn’t a term that often springs to mind in regard to the 22-year-old. The parts of herself that she shares with her millions of social media followers are often incredibly curated — which is her right — but it makes the odd occasion in which she allows her fans see the reality all the more affecting.

On Monday, Jenner shared a brief clip of herself in a bikini, with a butterfly filter, on her Instagram story. In it, the stretch marks on her breasts are visible. Stretch marks are normal, most of us have them, but it’s inarguably strange to see the photoshop queen showing them off — that said, we’re glad she did.

Kylie Jenner Stretch Marks

Fans loved the unapologetic move:

Jenner has spoken about the stretch marks she got after giving birth to daughter Stormi in 2018, telling fans that she chose to keep them, viewing them as “a little gift from Stormi.”

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