Kylie Jenner Did the Viral "Don't Eat It" Challenge With Stormi and It's So Cute It Hurts

When she says "patience" to herself!

Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi is already on her way to becoming a social media sensation.

On Monday night, Jenner shared a video of her two-year-old doing a fruit snack challenge that's been circulating online lately, in which parents test their children's willpower by leaving a snack in front of them, tell them they're not allowed to eat it until they come back, and then leave the room, with a camera rolling.

Jenner set a bowl of candy in front of Stormi, telling her, "You can only have three of them. I'm going to give you three of them. But wait! You have to wait until Mommy comes back. I'm going to go to the bathroom."

At one point, Stormi leans in towards the bowl and says, "Ooo, chocolates!" before sitting back, chanting, "Patience, patience."

And, well, the results of the challenge were so adorable that by Tuesday morning, Stormi was trending on Twitter.

Stormi Twitter

Suffice to say, Kylie Jenner's daughter is once again giving people baby fever. Not to mention, people were praising how advanced Stormi's speech seems to be at her age.

Of course, Stormi isn't the first adorable child to go viral for this challenge. So many other babies are stealing our hearts for just how cute (and patient) they are.

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