But as soon as she was born, the decision became clear. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Mar 13, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

Though the name Stormi Webster is now ingrained in the pop culture vernacular, Kylie Jenner’s 1-year-old almost had a very (I mean very) different moniker.

Kylie, 21, was just chillin’ and having her makeup done when she decided to host an Instagram Live for her 129 million fans, as one does. Mid-contour, Jenner opened up about her naming process, revealing that the ultimate pick was hardly her first choice. In fact, she had two other names that she preferred, but when she uh, emerged, Kylie “just couldn't imagine any other name other than Stormi.”


While she kept the top contender to herself (you know, in case she uses it for baby no. 2), she did share her third choice.

“I don't think I'm ever going to name my daughter this,” she said, “but I wanted to name her Rose,” for no other reason than she just “really liked that name.”

“Shout-out to everyone named 'Rose,'" she said, which surely went over well with all the 111-year-olds tuning in (the name peaked in popularity in 1908).

Considering Stormi’s Kar-Jenner peers are named Chicago and True, Rose doesn’t really feel on-brand. The second (top-secret) name, however, is admittedly “very weird.”

“I love it. It just didn't work for her," Jenner said of the runner-up.

Way to keep us on the edge of our seats, Ky! For a Kar-Jenner to call a name “weird,” it must really be ~something~ …