The evidence is compelling. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Apr 27, 2020 @ 2:00 pm
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Last week, an unlikely quarantine hero emerged. Shoeless and makeup-free in matching tie-dye sweats and a messy bun, clutching a bag of Lays to her chest like it was Stormi Webster herself, Kylie Jenner stepped out.

The 22-year-old makeup mogul isn’t your typical wash-n’-go kind of gal, you see. She’s more of the contour-wig-smize-filter type.

Fast forward one week and Jenner appears to be back to her default curation — like really back. Another batch of paparazzi photos emerged, and the vibe could not be more different than the chip-clutching predecessors. In the new photos, Jenner is fully dressed in high-waist Alexander Wang jeans and a cropped white Naked Wardrobe mock turtleneck, a face mask in hand. In some of the shots, she looks directly at the camera, as though it’s a legitimate photoshoot — and according to many internet spectators, it is.

The Mega Agency

Twitter users speculated that in order to rewrite the narrative (Kylie is one of us!) furthered by the relatable shots taken the week prior, Jenner staged a paparazzi shoot.

Say it ain’t so, Ky! Sweats-clad Kylie may be our favorite iteration of the ever-evolving beauty boss yet.