There are a lot of issues here. 

By Isabel Jones
Updated May 30, 2019 @ 10:00 am

Just when you thought the great walnut scrub debacle of ’19 would be the height of Kylie Skin’s problems, the internet’s favorite entrepreneur (to drag) is back at it with the kwestioniable kontent.

On Wednesday, Kylie Jenner, 21, posted a video of herself washing her face (with a flowery filter, of course), and fans had some qualms, to say the least.

In said video, the makeup mogul squirts a pump of her foaming cleanser into her hand before rubbing the solution over her cheeks, nose, and chin, and just barely patting it into her forehead. She then rinses her skin and dries off with a wash cloth, which happens to be noticeably streaked with foundation.

Viewers found a few issues in Jenner’s brief post — first off, the length and diligence of her cleansing.

Experts agree that you should take 20-30 seconds to wash your face morning and night, while Ms. Jenner taps out at about five. Also, the foundation streaks feel like a problem?

Additionally, viewers were peeved that Kylie didn’t fully put her hair back before beginning her routine, which feels like a personal problem, but OK.

Amanda Baby and Shamara love Kylie Skin, though, so who are we to judge.

Until the next highly-criticized Kylie Skin product/video/pimple/what have you …