Kylie Jenner Dares to Open Snapchat Again and Posts a Baby Stormi Video

In the grand tradition of celebrity baby reveals, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s newborn daughter’s introduction to the spotlight has been painstakingly slow.

After announcing her birth on Super Bowl Sunday, Jenner’s allotted us a glimpse of Stormi Webster’s left arm, left leg, right hand, and the bottom-third of her face.

On Sunday, however, we caught a whole new angle and body part from baby Webster: her little feet and tiny toes!

In a brief clip posted to Snapchat, Kylie and her wildly impractical talon-like nails clutch the newborn’s foot. “Mommy’s cute little toes,” Jenner coos off camera.

Adorable—but more importantly, check the medium: Kylie’s posting from Snapchat, the very social media platform whose stock plummeted after she tweeted that she no longer opens the app.

Hours after Kylie issued the tweet read 'round the world, Snapchat’s market value dropped by $1 billion (sorry, Evan Spiegel!).

Anyway, less than a week later, the 20-year-old media mogul posted the third glimpse of her newborn via the “sad” app.

One can’t help but wonder if Jenner is atoning for the loss she indirectly caused the company. God only knows the number of Snapchat representatives who placed frantic calls to Kylie’s management on Thursday evening.

While its possible Jenner chose to share via Snapchat all on her own, we have a sneaking suspicion that there’s more to the video than meets the eye.

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