Kylie Jenner's Secret Fear Is Something Most People Love

When you imagine the daily life of Kylie Jenner—something the social media star has dedicated a reality series to unveiling—what do you see? A string of lingerie-clad Instagram photo shoots, perhaps? Hours of hair and makeup? Lunch with momager Kris? That’s to be expected, but when it comes to the real Kylie, the woman behind the the brand is far less predictable.

What does the 20-year-old beauty boss fear, for example? Mean comments? A low Instagram “heart” count? Nah, Jenner’s fear is much more elemental, and also super bizarre: She's afraid of butterflies. You read that correctly, Kylie Jenner is “terrified, terrified” of butterflies.

In a promo for an upcoming episode of Life of Kylie set in a butterfly sanctuary in London, the E! star revealed that she’s super scared of the beloved insect.

“This is how I think of them,” Kylie shared, “Cut their wings off, and if you just look at their bodies … they’re not that pretty. It’s literally a bug.”

Although we don’t find butterflies particularly frightening, we must say, Jenner’s rationale does make sense.

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