We were confused by that giveaway, too.


On Monday night, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself to Instagram in which she is surrounded by several Saint Laurent bags and boxes — nothing out of the ordinary for a KarJenner ... right?

Turns out, the whole thing was a giveaway: "ONE of my amazing followers will have the chance to win ALL 9 LUXURY BAGS in this picture + $20,000 USD CASH! For real! #ad," Kylie wrote in the caption. How exciting!

But things got a little harder to follow from there. While Kylie, a billionaire, could probably afford to buy all those bags for a contest, she's not the source of the giveaway. Weirdly enough, she's just promoting a giveaway from her ex-brother-in-law, Scott Disick, and Curated Businesses, an influencer marketing company.

The entry process is easy enough: go to Disick's profile and follow everyone he is following on Instagram (70 accounts that may be paying Curated Businesses for services to help grow their following — InStyle has reached out for confirmation), and comment on his post to let him know who you'd share the goods with. Scott, FYI, has also posted Kylie's photo to his Instagram, along with identical instructions.

It's not exactly unusual that a KarJenner (and a KarJenner-adjacent member) would be posting #sponcon, but it is a little weird that Kylie is posting/posing in the ad for Scott. Maybe they thought they'd get more engagement out of a Kylie photo?

Upon further investigation, it looks like the Kardashians have done ads for Australia-based Curated Businesses before. Back in February, Kourtney posted a similar photo of herself with Louis Vuitton bags, and in March, Khloe posted a now-deleted photo posing with Gucci bags. Last month, Kim posted a now-deleted Instagram of herself with Chanel bags and boxes — all of those photos are on the Curated Giveaways website.

According to Curated Businesses, two of the brands that participated in Kourtney's giveaway saw, altogether, an additional 95,000 Instagram followers altogether (with a strong retention rate to boot). There's that Kardashian influence for you.

For what it's worth, Curated Giveaways has listed past winners (who have also posted their bounty on their Instagrams), so it at least seems the contest pretty legit. Good luck, y'all.