Kylie took to Snapchat for a post-shower clip.


It's no secret that Kylie Jenner is a huge fan of wigs and hair extensions. She's rarely seen without them, in fact, at least since she was a teenager.

So the latest video she shared to Snapchat where she runs her fingers through her real, natural hair came as a bit of a shock to fans.

In the lengthy post-shower clip, Kylie plays with her wet hair while in front of the bathroom mirror. Clad in a white towel, she runs her fingers down her shoulder-length strands.

"Haven't had my real hair this long since I was 15," she wrote over the Snapchat clip.

It's hard to imagine exactly what her hair probably looks like when it's dry, but we imagine it's not much different than the pin-straight locks she used to rock on the red carpet before she started experimenting with fantasy hair colors, different lengths, and other cool ways to maximize her mane.

Kylie's natural hair is a far cry from the luscious locks she wore here for a makeup shoot. She typically opts for much longer styles when wearing wigs or extensions, in fact.

This photo for a shoot promoting Kylie Skin could be a close approximation of Kylie's natural hair when wet, though it's much, much longer with the help of extensions here.

Earlier in July, Kylie appeared to have ditched her extensions for a shoulder-length lob, which she debuted on Instagram.

Since Kylie's showing off her natural hair, we can't help but think she has another dramatic transformation planned. What's next for her locks? We'll have to wait and see.