Kylie Jenner's Fans Are Convinced She's Pregnant Thanks to an Old Wives' Tale

They might be onto something, according to a doctor.

Pretty much since the day Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her and Travis Scott’s daughter, Stormi, we’ve been on baby watch for tot no. 2.

Things have really amped up lately, though not without a little help from Kylie herself, who’s all “baby #2?” in her Instagram captions and baiting us with fully random chats about baby names.

But amid rumors that things are rocky between Travis and Kylie, fans have taken to the comments section of the 21-year-old’s recent posts with her 1-year-old, and they’re spinning some fairly convincing theories.

On Sunday, Jenner shared a photo of herself lying down across the floor of a bouncy house (literally who else could make that look glam?), a demure-looking Stormi clinging to mom’s middle. "My baby is stuck to me like glue lately,” the “self-made” billionaire captioned the image.

As Buzzfeed noted, the comments section quickly flooded with clairvoyants offering up Jenner’s natal fate: pregnant, likely with a boy.

Apparently, there’s an old wives’ tale that toddlers — with their innate ~toddler sense~ — cling to their mothers when she's pregnant, especially when the child in question is the opposite sex of the baby mom’s carrying. Several moms in the comments crew shared their own experiences with the phenomenon, writing that their baby seemed to know they were expecting even before they did.

And OK, while medically this isn’t quite sound — OBGYNs aren’t outsourcing to the Paw Patrol set just yet — psychologically, the theory isn’t entirely radical.

Clinical psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, told us that while “siblings don't have a mysterious premonition of the sex of their future sibling that alters their behavior toward their mom,” a child’s clinginess could “be a sign of some degree of anxiety about current or future changes.” The child could also be “reacting to changes in the mom's behavior, such as being more tired or less willing to play.”

So, though far from an absolute, Stormi’s behavior could, potentially indicate that Kylie’s pregnant. But if we’re really going to traverse this rabbit hole, know that it could mean any number of other things as well — like, maybe Stormi’s anxious because she’s literally 13-months-old and there’s a camera in her face more often than not … ?

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