By Erin Lukas
Updated Sep 21, 2018 @ 12:30 pm
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Is there any hair color Kylie Jenner hasn't tried? That feels like a hard no. Over the past few months she's experimented with green, blue, and hot pink wigs, and most recently, dyed her actual hair blonde. Now, she's pastel pink. And it's the real deal — and just like the makeup mogul's golden blonde shade.

If you love changing your hair color as often as Jenner but don't have the same wig or glam squad budget, fret not. Getting the exact same baby pink color is surprisingly affordable — we're talking under $20.

In an Instagram post debuting Jenner's new look, her stylist Chris Appleton shared the exact products he used to create her soft, blush pink shade.

Appleton said that he used a LimeCrime's Unicorn Hair Tints in Kawaii and Bunny ($16 each; and the brand's Dilute Hair Mixer ($16; to make "a super soft frosted pink."

In an email, he further explained the process, saying he left the tint on Jenner's hair for 45 minutes before rinsing it. Since the product is formulated without any harsh chemicals or bleach, it isn't tough on hair.

He recommends not using shampoo on hair right after using a pastel dye. However, he did treat her hair with Color Wow's Color Security Conditioner ($23; to help seal the shade.

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Appleton also suggests using regularly using a strengthening treatment on colored hair. For Jenner, he ran Color Wow's Kale Cocktail Bionic Tonic ($24; through her hair. This product reduces breakage by repairing hair's bonds.

Given that Jenner's affinity for unconventional hair colors, it's safe to say she's not a regular mom, but a cool mom.