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Considering Kylie Jenner's LipKits continue to sell out online in minutes ... imagine what happened when her highly anticipated pop-up shop in New York City opened its doors Monday morning.

In case you missed it, it was pure fandemonium. Luckily, you still have a chance to catch up. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star captured several scenes from the opening on Snapchat, giving a full view of the massive line, tons of screams, and a bit of chaos that ensued as she arrived to celebrate it.

Here's everything you may have missed at Jenner's Big Apple pop-up shop opening:

1. The weather was not clutch: It was really, really cold outside—and people lined up for hours any way. Some skipped school to be there ... and others even camped out.

2. The 19-year-old mogul did not play her pop-up shop ensemble small: She strutted towards the store rocking orange-hued locks, along with one serious fur coat with a body-hugging dress underneath it.

As soon as fans saw her, it seemed as if the whole line erupted in piercing screams. Those screams got even louder as she posed for selfies with a few lucky fans.

3. The shop was packed with signature Kylie goodies: Once fans got inside, there were rows and rows of LipKits and new merch on hand for the taking, like "thick"-emblazoned hats and cell-phone cases.

4. Kim Kardashian West came to the rescue on Valentine's Day: There were major Kylie fans who didn't get the chance to snag a LipKit after waiting for hours. If they came back at just the right time Tuesday though, they would've seen her big sis handing out free LipKits that she pulled from the stockroom.

"We're at the Kylie pop up. It's so cute," Kim, who rocked a lip ring with a plunging, pinstriped wrapped blazer dress said on Snapchat. "Do you think Kylie would kill us if we told everyone they get free LipKits for Valentine's Day?"

She then went to the back, grabbed several Lipkits, and gave them away to fans.

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And people were like...

It's safe to say Kylie has built an empire.