It's Happening—A New Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Is on the Way

Kylie Jenner Lip Lead
Photo: Barry King/Getty Images

If you missed the boat on getting the first run of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, don't abandon hope just yet—there's a new installment on the way, and in a brand new hue, at that. Yesterday, Jenner revealed on Instagram that she had been developing bright pink version of the coveted duo, which was one of three hues in her upcoming Valentine's Day-inspired range. "Very excited to share with you one out of three of my new colors for my Valentine collection coming up," she captioned her photo. "I've been working on a new very exclusive formula that I have absolutely fell in love with."

In need of a name, Jenner polled her followers to come up with ideas for the color, and "Posie K" ultimately came out on top. The follower who suggested the winning name was promised a Posie K lip kit as a reward upon its official launch, which in our opinion, is a pretty sweet deal considering that the market for the products is basically the beauty equivalent of competing in The Hunger Games. Get a closer look at Jenner's new hue below, and prepare to stalk her Instagram and for more updates as Valentine's Day approaches.

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