By Bee Shapiro
Updated Oct 18, 2015 @ 11:00 am
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Credit: WireImage

When it comes to beauty, Kylie Jenner likes to keep us guessing. There's been her aqua hair extensions, crazy contacts (see below), dramatic fake nails, and now...a new bob! Ok, so in the larger scheme of things, this change is somewhat sedate. Jenner debuted a new blunt bob on her Instagram, crediting stylist Priscilla Valles with the 'do.

Valles is actually more known for her extension work so this new chop is definitely a change. See her handiwork here:

In case Jenner's fans missed it on IG, the social media star also posted several images onto her Snapchat with her aforementioned crazy contacts. (How perfect would they be for an X-Men Halloween costume?)