The irony is hard to miss.

In case you didn't know that Kylie Jenner is a billionaire, she's making it very clear.

The Kylie Cosmetics guru announced on Thursday that she's launching a new makeup collection for her birthday, with a very on-the-nose theme: money. She posted a series of videos and photos to her Instagram story, showing off new eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and face powders, all emblazoned with dollar signs and fake prints of $100 bills to celebrate her August birthday, like a true Leo would.

The collection, however, didn't go over well with some people, who called it "tone deaf" for a literal billionaire to be flaunting money in front of us mere mortals and encouraging us to give her more by buying her products. Some also poked fun at the irony of Kylie releasing a money-themed collection with eyeshadows named "Money ain't everything" and "Work for it."

After someone commented on Kylie's Instagram telling her to donate some of her wealth instead of flaunting it, she replied telling the person to "stay tuned," hinting that some of the proceeds would be going to charity, so at least she seems to be listening?