By Isabel Jones
Updated Jul 12, 2018 @ 9:45 am

Soon-to-be-billionaire Kylie Jenner took to her beloved Snapchat account on Wednesday evening to share a sweet video of her planting a kiss on her other beloved: 5-month-old daughter Stormi.

“The best kisses,” Jenner wrote. But it wasn’t the mother-daughter smooch that fans took issue with. In the video, Stormi’s left ear faces the camera, visibly decorated with a tiny stud.

Being a Kar-Jenner, the new mom was immediately regaled with social media criticism for her decision to pierce her baby’s ears.

Though a hotly debated topic in America, infant ear piercing is a common cultural practice among those of Latin, Indian, African, and Middle Eastern heritage. It’s also seen as a rite of passage, similar to baptism for families of the Catholic faith.

Of course, one can also draw comparisons to male circumcision and highlight the argument that the child in question is too young to consent to this treatment of their body.

Based on Jenner’s vast collection of throwback photos, she and sister Kendall do appear to have had their ears pierced at a fairly young age, though seemingly not earlier than they were able to give consent.

Though as a parent Kylie is entitled to raise her daughter as she pleases, her role in the public eye means her actions will always be picked apart or seen as a statement or example of sorts.

TL;DR: Let Kylie live.