Kylie Jenner Insta - Lead
Credit: kyliejenner/Instagram

Leave it to Kylie Jenner to make a mundane household activity into a skin-baring social media fest. As the 19-year-old chilled out at home Thursday night—while wearing a matching nude sports bra and high-cut underwear, no less—she decided to put whip together an oven-cooked dinner.

First, Jenner showed off her killer bod, posing in the mirror in just her lingerie and posting the video to Snapchat.

Next, her BFF Jordyn Woods came over and the two decided to make a homemade meal. “Me and Jordy are making lasagna,” she captioned a cute Snap.

And because she’s a Kar-Jenner, she proceeded to pose around her kitchen in a pair of white sweatpants while the tray sat in the oven.

To top off the girls’ night in, they popped in a few oatmeal cranberry cookies to bake after they discovered cookie dough in the well-stocked fridge.

Sexy lingerie aside, Jenner’s ladies' night looks a lot like ours.