Pregnancy Isn't Stopping Kylie Jenner From Launching a New Kylie Cosmetics Collection

This just in: Kylie Jenner is previewing her newest installment of liquid lipsticks right now.

This afternoon on Snapchat, the expectant star teased a preview of her upcoming Full Velvet collection, taking a quick shot of the 11 shade names in the brand-new lineup. Considering that her original lineup bears the name of the Velvet Lip Kits, the Full Velvet moniker has us guessing that the formula used for the new additions are an a totally new level of matte. A few minutes later, Jenner swatched every single one of the shades on her arm, and we have to admit, picking a favorite between them is a pretty challenging task. We can only imagine how they'll look once she and her BFF Jordyn Woods (hopefully) preview each one on the Kylie Cosmetics YouTube channel.

According to Kylie's snaps, the full range will be out on October 31st. Exact timing TBD, but if our memory serves us, Lip Kit drops in the past have usually happened around 3 PM PST. We're confident the star's social media platforms will confirm one way or another very soon.

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