Style sisters forever.


After all of the drama that happened this summer between Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner, it would be safe to assume that the two have erased each other from their lives. Think again, purgers. Page Sixreports that the two are still very much on the same style wavelength and wore very similar dresses — even though they were across the globe from each other. While their friendship may be no more, their style lives on. Without knowing it, both Jenner and Woods wore very similar dresses by Charleston, S.C.-born designer Louisa Ballou.

Jenner wore the designer's Birds of Paradise Dress, which features a bold, island-ready print of colorful tropical blooms. Woods opted for the Night Bloom Ruched Mesh Dress. It's still flashy, but its more subdued, red-and-pink palette doesn't require sunglasses the way Jenner's does. Maybe that's why Woods decided to wear a neon green bikini under her dress, giving the ensemble a jolt of electric color and even more look-at-me detail. Woods wore hers in a snapshot alongside rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Jenner took her dress to the waves in Italy, where she's celebrating her birthday.

Jenner's squad has been known to co-opt the superstar's style. During a recent trip to celebrate the release of Kylie Skin, Jenner's pal Anastasia Karanikolaou wore matching Chanel tennis outfits and coordinating body-con leopard-print catsuits by Maisie Wilen.

Think it's a little odd that Jenner's opting out of a bikini for a dip? Ballou's clothes are all designed to get wet. According to British Vogue, Ballou's a big surfer and wants all her clothes to be able to handle the waves and the lounging that comes after a session on the water.

"My brand sits in-between a swim and a ready-to-wear brand. The pieces are versatile; you can wear them at the beach, but also style them with your other clothes," she said. "I want the person wearing [my design] to feel good in it. I really consider where it sits on the body, the most flattering lines and cut; how you can move in it as well."

In addition to Jenner and Woods, Bella Hadid is a huge fan. She posted a snapshot wearing one of the brand's bikinis back in July.