The bikini pic got reposted, though.


Kylie Jenner, quick to remind everyone that she's spending her quarantine in close proximity to shimmering sapphire pools and what seems like an infinite selection of swimwear, got called out for photoshopping her Instagram latest post — and she actually deleted it. Twitter users managed to capture the original posts, however, and weren't shy about calling her out on the edits.

The photos in question showed Jenner in a candy-colored metallic rainbow bikini. In the first post, it was clear and obvious that she'd doctored the photos. The edge of the pool was curved and manipulated. When fans started to mention the very clear mistake, Jenner removed the post from her feed and re-posted the snapshots to crop out the pool edge in question.

People pointed out the edit, but to be clear, the photos didn't manipulate any part of Jenner, it was just the edge of the pool — at least that's the only part that was identified by internet sleuths.

The Photoshop job is just the latest Jenner controversy. Critics pointed out that Jenner's latest paparazzi shots look staged thanks to the fact that she appears to be looking right at the camera. Only one person knows the truth and, not surprisingly, Kris Jenner hasn't mentioned today's photo-editing snafu or the impromptu paparazzi photoshoot.