Celeb Chrismas
Credit: instagram / kyliejenner

I felt like a high roller this year after getting my 8-foot Christmas tree delivered to my house instead of strapping it onto the roof of my car, but as always, Kylie Jenner just outdid us all. Much like the massive tree that sits in Rockefeller Center each year, Jenner’s holiday décor arrived at her house on the back of a massive flatbed truck.

When I first saw the Snapchat, I thought that the 20-year-old had her tree delivered on a horse and buggy—honestly, wouldn’t put it past her—but then I just realized that this thing is so massive, it didn’t fit in any normal vehicle. The ginormous evergreen was then dragged into the two-story entryway of her home, where it was then placed into a stand, almost reaching the ceiling of the second floor.

Kylie, of course, watched with awe as her tree was put up, filming the process for Snapchat. And because it’s California, she followed up her holiday decorating with a pool day in December.

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It’s still TBD if she’ll also be filming the decorating process—and if she’s dragging one of these babies into each of her mansions.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here getting tangled up in a string of drugstore lights.