People Are Confusing Kylie Jenner's Extra-Long Braid for a Snake

It's longer than she is tall.

By now, it's nearly impossible to be shocked when Kylie Jenner drastically changes up her hairstyle. In a snap of a finger, she can go from having extensions to channeling her mom Kris Jenner with a pixie-style chop — and let's not forget the collection of candy-colored wigs she regularly slips on without notice. However, after debuting her latest look, we stand corrected.

After dyeing her hair brond earlier this month, the youngest Kardashian sister decided to take her locks to new lengths (literally), showing off the awe-inspiring results on Instagram. In a new snap, Kylie poses on a diving board with a braid — longer than she is tall — cascading down her back and onto the nearby concrete. Another photo shows Kylie standing on the beach with her braided ponytail trailing behind in the sand.

Her extra-long 'do is definitely having fans do a double take, and, some are even confusing the braid's tail-like appearance for a serpent. "Thought this was a snake at first glance...still gorg tho," wrote Jamie Lynn Spears, and other commenters agreed with her assessment. Meanwhile, Normani was feeling the look, writing: "So this is what we’re doing. Got it.”

Even her big sister Khloé joked about the absurdity of the braid's length, saying, "Don't ever call me extra again."

It won't be surprising if Kylie has an entirely new look tomorrow, but, regardless, this super-long style will not be forgotten.

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