Kylie Jenner's Driver's License Photo Is Peak Kylie Jenner

But is it better than Khloé's?

While driver's license photos are things that mere mortals hide away, to be pulled out only when necessary, Kylie Jenner is no mere mortal. She boldly posted her ID photo on Instagram and, naturally, she looks amazing, much to the dismay of DMV workers everywhere — probably. And while Jenner's photo looks amazing, it's just the latest piece of evidence that proves the Kardashian-Jenners go above and beyond for everything, DMV visits included.

Jenner's photo joins her older sister Khloé's in the pantheon of amazing driver's license photos. Fans are already swooning on Twitter, posting comments about how Jenner looks "snatched" and how "unfair" it is that she looks completely glowing.

Fans will recall that back in 2017, post-divorce, Khloé Kardshian paid a visit to the DMV with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew in tow — in addition to a ring light, her best friend Malika Haqq for touch-ups, and Landon Hosto, the show's lighting director.

"I finally get to change my last name back to Kardashian," Kardashian said in the episode. "Landon, what do you think?"

"I think you stay right there, I'll throw the [lighting] ring around the lens," Hosto said before he adjusted a huge ring light to illuminate Kardashian in the most flattering light.

While there's no video evidence that Jenner followed in her big sis's footsteps, she has the same resources, right down to Hosto, at her disposal. Of course, Twitter assumed that she was accompanied by a crew, too, because, well, just look at the photo.

And others noted that it takes real confidence to post a driver's license photo online, though with one as glamour-shot worthy as Jenner's, it'd be a shame not to let everyone take a peek.

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