Larger than life.

Her Italian vacation may have included a very special dress, but Kylie Jenner decided to post something else statement-making to her Instagram feed. Like she ushered in the new wave of teeny-tiny sunglasses, she's sending that trend out to sea with her latest snapshot, which features huge Dior glasses. Even bigger than the oversized frames that ruled the '00s after the Olsen Twins and Rachel Zoe made them as ubiquitous as Chloé padlock bags and rainbow-print Louis Vuitton, Jenner's bigger-is-better frames got more than their fair share of attention, with followers not quite sure what to make of the envelope-pushing eyewear.

Jenner's triple post got commenters going at it in the comments section. The frames, which are very, very large, cover about half of Jenner's face. They're also light pink and feature light lenses, all the better to see her long lashes through. The commenters compared the frames to everything from a ski mask to swim goggles and solar panels. They're not wrong, but in true Jenner style, she's making it work. The yacht vibes don't hurt, either.

People Are Divided Over Kylie Jenner's Massive Dior Sunglasses
Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

"That's a cute ski mask," one wrote. And the laughs just kept rolling in from there:

"Why this look like dory when she got stuck in the goggles."

"I thought those were swimming goggles. Like the one for scuba diving."

"Looking like a damn WALL-E."

"Do you think these would be approved for lab?" another wrote, comparing the large shades to laboratory-approved safety eyewear.

"Scuba Kylie"

"Nice solar panel there."

It looks like Jenner isn't harboring any hate towards her tiny shades. It's clear that Jenner packed an entire wardrobe of sunglasses for the birthday getaway, both big ones and small counterparts. Anyone looking to Jenner for trend forecasting is out of luck, because she's got every option on lock.