If, like us, you already spend your sleepless nights regretting not being born into the Kar-Jenner family, this might just do you in.

Stormi Webster, the 5-month-old daughter of Kylie Jenner, 20, and Travis Scott (né Jacques Webster), 27, has a shoe collection that will almost certainly make you weep.

Kylie Jenner Stormi Lead
Credit: instagram/kyliejenner

The cosmetics mogul took her Snapchat followers into Stormi’s shoe closet on Tuesday, panning across rows and rows of teeny-tiny designer shoes, most of which were sneakers (practicality comes first for the infant).

“Stormi can finally fit into some of her sneakers,” Jenner coos off-camera. “Her dad gave her a bunch of vintage shoes. So I’m about to see if she likes shoes.”

Um, excuse me, Stormi doesn’t even necessarily like shoes?

Let’s break this down: Stormi Webster, who cannot yet walk, owns a lifetime’s worth of exclusive designer sneaks, the bulk of which will not fit her in about a month from now because reminder: she's a baby.

Yo, Kylie, I can walk (been doing it for about 23 years), I know I like shoes, and I’m a steadfast size 8—maybe we can balance the scales a little?

Extreme jealousy aside, this is a Kar-Jenner descendant we’re talking about. Would you really expect anything less?