Kylie Jenner Is the First Kar-Jenner to Publicly Congratulate Khloé Kardashian on the Birth of Her Daughter

“Kongratulations” are in order!

Following the birth of Khloé Kardashian’s baby girl on Wednesday, Twitter has been abuzz with kind words from fans, but the Good American co-founder’s famous family has been far less vocal with their congratulations. Major Kar-Jenner news typically warrants a round of congratulatory posts from each of the sisters and mama Kris, but things are notably different this time around.

Just days before Khloé’s delivery, allegations of infidelity concerning the 33-year-old’s NBA player boyfriend Tristan Thompson gained media traction. Given the delicate nature of the situation, it makes sense that the family is keeping their public response minimal.

While Kris seemed to reference Khloé’s exciting news on Wednesday, Kylie Jenner was the first of the family to directly do so, though she kept it about as impersonal and straightforward as she could. Overlapping with a Snapchat story the 20-year-old was filming with her friends in the car, the new mom posted the app’s “Kongratulations, Khloé” banner while shooting a stretch of road.

Kylie was pregnant with baby Stormi for much of Khloé's pregnancy, so the pair and their daughters already share a special bond.

Meanwhile, Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall have been active on social media. Kim teased a KKW beauty drop and new photos from her recent trip to Turks and Caicos in her Instagram story; Kendall enjoyed “Wednesday Skate Night;” and Kourtney has been all about “GIRL POWER."

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