It's been less than a week since Kylie Jenner confirmed what we've all been talking about for months: that she was pregnant with her first child, a baby girl.

The reality star and makeup mogul welcomed her daughter Feb. 1, but even though fans got a glimpse at the newborn (and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's newest addition Chicago), her name is still to be announced. Even momager Kris Jenner is keeping her lips sealed.

"I'm not talking names tonight!" she told E! News Monday night. "I'll let Kylie tell you about what her name is."

The ambiguity hasn't stopped fans from speculating online, and there's a convincing theory about what the youngest Kardashian's name could be. Taking social media clues and the family's propensity for unusual names into account, super fans have come to the conclusion that Jenner's baby has a Kardashian-worthy name: Butterfly.

Credit: Kylie Jenner / Youtube

While that might seem out of the blue, butterflies have played a symbolic role in Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott's relationship. The two have matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles that they got back in June.

Additionally, Jenner has been tweeting and Instagramming a suspicious number things with the butterfly motif during her months away from the spotlight, from butterfly jewelry to the butterfly necklace she wore in the video announcing her daughter's birth.

That theory might seem far-fetched, but an insider confirmed to E! News that Jenner's baby does have a name with "some hidden meaning of a butterfly."

"Kylie decorated the baby's nursery in white, baby pink and there are butterfly accents," they said. "Butterflies mean a lot to both Travis and Kylie and it's a symbol of their relationship and something special that they have created together."

Only time will tell what the new baby's name actually is—but it wouldn't be shocking if it ended up being Butterfly, Monarch, or something even less conventional like the blue butterfly Morpho, or Mariposa, which is the Spanish word for "butterfly." If that ends up being the case, remember you heard it here first.