Kylie Jenner Wears Blue Lipstick for World Bullying Prevention Day

Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner
Photo: kyliejenner/Instagram

For better or for worse, Kylie Jenner's lips stay making headlines but as luck would have it, she's using her powers for good this time around. Yesterday, the star took to Instagram rocking an unconventional blue lipstick to raise awareness for World Bullying Prevention Day. "Wearing blue lips today in honor of world bullying prevention," she captioned a selfie of her and father Caitlyn Jenner, encouraging her followers to wear blue and post a picture as well. "Spread love and you will recieve. Nothing can be done if we don't do it together!"

The younger Jenner has been especially vocal in her stance against bullying, and while the usual protocol for World Bullying Day is to to don a blue shirt to show support, we should have expected that the resident lip liner queen would shake things up. In a livestream posted to Kylie's website, Caitlyn also got in on the fun by trying out the blue lipstick for herself. Check out their video below!

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